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What's the best option to choose for a fresh grad or unexperienced teacher?

In terms of salary possible options for a young teacher are:
1. Chain schools. English First, Language Link etc.
High level of organization but low salaries and lots of working hours. Typical contract includes separate room as an accomodation and 500-600 euro a month. Big schools can also provide TEFL certification for unexperienced teachers before teaching season.
2. Middle-size and small schools
Level of organization depends heavily on the owner or manager you're working. Salaries are higher but never exceed 1500 euro. Sometimes the school helps to find accomodation and provide medical insurance.
The biggest problem of small schools are "last minute calls" with an aim to place a new client in your tomorrow schedule and long-time travelling.
3. Kindergartens
Some kindergartens give a chance to recently graduated teachers and provide competitive wages, comparable to salaries in middle-size schools. We recommend to get experience of teaching and classroom management in the school, as in the kindergarten there's few to no chance for academic support.
Why are the salaries so low in Russia then?

According to the popular ESL website forum, "Because Russia is a communist and socialist country, and the salary is equally divided between the teachers according to the collective farming model". Of course, it's a joke. Payment depends on your experience and qualifications. Russia is not a Gulf country or Japan in terms of salaries, but requirements are also lower, especially for entry level positions
Is it possible to have decent salary working as an ESL teacher in Russia?
Great salaries and a wide range of benefits provided by international schools with highly competitive selection. Conditions include medical insurance, housing, flight reimbursement, wellness programs, paid leaves etc. Salaries starts from 3000 euro a month.
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