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teach.fm — teacher recruiting marketplace designed to bring greater transparency to the teaching industry and make hiring process easier for both sides.

Why choose teach.fm?

Find a good teacher is a hard task that many schools face consistently. We introduced teach.fm with an aim to save a distance between teachers and schools.
Combine a low cost of job board with a high-quality of recruitment agency.
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Time to find a teacher
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3-5 days
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teach. fm gives you direct access to the end of the funnel — only targeted applications and candidates. It saves 90% of my time for screening and interviews.
Samuel Willson
HR Director
I use teach.fm to compare our conditions to other schools and it gives me proper understanding of the market. I realized we should increase our benefits package to attract qualified teachers.
Sarah Lewin
School manager
Every job board post makes your inbox full, but while I'm trying to pick best candidates, half of them are gone. With teach.fm I can choose how many applications I need. It makes hiring much easier.
Alex Larkins
Recruitment specialist
teach. fm is dedicated to keep the most relevant positions for teachers, ESL tutors and instructors at one place. The information is published by international schools, English schools, courses and private clients. We collect it from dozens of job boards and social media.

Instead of searching and reviewing thousands of vacancies published every day we use machine-learning algorithms to sort them out by minimum salary, working hours, required qualification and experience.
You just need to choose the job that fits you best.

We are passionate about the idea to bring more transparency to the teaching industry and will add reviews feature within a very short time. Given the fact that schools doesn’t pay us for job posting we have no interest to cover real working conditions and reviews.

For good schools and courses we provide a unique opportunity to access large number of candidates with expected qualification and experience rather than reviewing packs of resumes.

Want to collaborate or leave feedback — all@teach.fm
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